Archive, The Complete Numbered Entity Project

| December 7, 2013


Archive, The Complete Numbered Entity Project

Tales from the starless places, the corners, the nooks and narrows. Where candles flicker black flame.

Status updating…Time and Space breached…Data leak detected…

The archives of The Numbered Entity Project have opened in this membrane of existence for but a blink of an eye. But now the abyss strains to hide its secrets again. Inside the, at once both infinitesimal and infinity-spanning, data stores wait the tales of rogues, outcasts and ‘others,’ from demigod A.Is, cursed wishes and genetically enhanced assassins, to undead entrepreneurs and rebels with and without a cause. Those whose time was numbered but refused to ‘know their place.’ Those who tried, for better or worse, to change their respective worlds of swords and magic, steam and musket, or nanotechnology.

ARCHIVE contains the entire Numbered Entity Project and an additional three tales siphoned from the depths of imagination and the void. The Project records all, in tribute to Time and Space, until the abyss blinks and returns everything to darkness and silence.


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