Nemesis (Southern Comfort)

| December 8, 2013


Nemesis (Southern Comfort)

What happens when your childhood nemesis turns out to be the love of your life?

That’s only one of the dilemmas Sadie Rose Mayhew must face when she returns to her childhood home. Seeking a fresh start after her broken engagement, Sadie moves into the house she left behind as a teen. Neglected since the death of her grandmother, Sadie sets about putting the place back together just as surely as she’s repairing her life – the main problem at first being her next door neighbor.

Sadie remembers Declan Murphy as the pesky little brother of her best friend Kathleen, the fly in the ointment of her childhood. And when they encounter each other again on an adult playing field, the sparks they struck against each other as kids turn to full-fledged pyrotechnics – especially when Sadie’s life is threatened on one of her first nights in town by two very aggressive burglars with an agenda.

There is something in Sadie’s grandmother’s house that her last renter left behind, something valuable enough to drive men to kill.

And as both Sadie and Declan learn, sometimes your enemies are closer than you think.


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