Mili and the Dragonfly

| July 27, 2019


Will the little trapped dragonfly, that Mili is about to squish, ever see its family again? Read along to find out what Mili’s little brother and her monkey friend are telling her.

The easiest way to understand Empathy

Follow Mili in this story to understand empathy in the simplest possible way. By practicing empathy, children will learn a charming way to handle situations. They will give a thought to others’ feelings and needs. This is a major step towards being more patient and less annoyed.

The Power of Empathy

Practicing empathy can help your child:

  • Build healthy relationships with family and friends
  • Be kind and lend helping hands
  • Minimize sibling rivalry
  • Reduce bullying behavior
  • Respect diversity


  • Enjoy the book trailer here:
  • Get 3 tips to encourage empathy in day to day life of children at the end of the book

“Mili and the Dragonfly” is a good conversation starter at home, day-care, kindergarten and school. Parents, grandparents and teachers can use it to teach the important social-emotional skill.

We sincerely hope that your children learn and grow while having lots of fun.

Get your copy of the book today.

“The opposite of Anger is Empathy. Listen to each other’s feelings, to craft a beautiful world.”

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