The Windless Echo

| July 27, 2019


Written by Oliver Kaufman, author and founder of, these stories delve into the minds and feelings of characters as they struggle to resolve, understand, and uncover the realities of their experiences.

Joy and emptiness, rest and effort, meaning and madness – these and other themes weave their way into the tales and the problems these characters seek to unravel.

Contents: 18 Short stories, 178 6”x9” pages, ~62k words.

Preview contains the first story, “The Ashen Heart”, and 3/4 of the second, “The Woodchopper’s Son”.

Two of the stories, “The Woodchopper’s Son” and “The Prisoner of the Ashen Lake”, have been put into audio form, read by the author, and can be found here:

Additional Reviews (more can be found at

“Oliver Kaufman has done a wonderful job with this collection.

From the characterization in each, to the emotions evoked, to the way they enlightened the reader, I think that every moving part to these novels really came together and made this collection unforgettable.

Each of these were well balanced. The pacing and flow are spot on and I was thoroughly engaged throughout each of them.”

-Bailey Ember (Texas Book Nook)

“The Windless Echo is a wonderful collection of stories with vivid characters and thought provoking topics that are sure to make you stop and think. Each story is creative and uniquely different making each one stand out on its own with a fast paced flow. The Windless Echo is a lovely collection of short stories. There’s something for everyone.”

-Truly (Truly Trendy)

“Oliver Kaufman does a great job of writing characters who seem real and relatable without making them have a barrage of issues to deal with.

I felt myself loving each of these short stories for different reasons. They are not even remotely similar, but you can tell they have been written by the same author.”

-Gina Stamper (Novel News Network)

“Fun and fresh! I loved what Oliver Kaufman brought to his stories and characters.

I was very happy with everything I learned and how easy it was to follow each of these and how they were quick little bits of escape.

This was just an overall feel good read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

-C. Gonzales (The Indie Express)

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