ABC: Alphabet Animals at Bedtime

| July 28, 2019


It’s time to fun and learning via playing before sleep!

ABC: Alphabet Animals at Bedtime is a captivating picture children’s book by age 3-5 with a delightful rhyming scheme throughout.

This is the newest one from rhyming books for kindergarten by Aaron Adams.

The alphabet animals are going to bed,
so, let’s see what they do.
One or two wear a nightcap on their head,
do you wear one too?

The story teaches children about a bedtime routine and that going to bed is fun. The story also teaches children the alphabet of English.

ABC: Alphabet Animals at Bedtime book is different from other preschool rhyming books by cutest illustrations.

The animals kids book includes well-known animals(wild animals, farm animals, zoo animals, ocean animals, birds ) such as a pig and an alligator, but also focusses on some of the lesser known animals in the world such as a bandicoot and an x-ray fish. 

ABC: Alphabet Animals at Bedtime is such a fun and cozy bedtime story, with animals brushing their tails, wearing onesies and nightcaps!

With stunning illustrations throughout.

Written in a fun rhyming format.

  • For ages 2-7 years.
  • Teaches children about a bedtime routine and how going to bed is fun, the alphabet and about new animals.
  • ABC book for kindergarten
  • Alphabet animals a-z
  • Bedtime book

An enchanting children’s bedtime story that will capture your child’s imagination.

WARNING: Cuteness of illustrations Overload!


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