Jack Drummond’s Christmas Present – Adventure Books for Children Ages 9-12

| December 9, 2013


Jack Drummond's Christmas Present - Adventure Books for Children Ages 9-12 (Includes Link To

A very warm welcome to “Jack Drummond’s Christmas Present“, the sixth book in the series for children ages 9-12.

This book includes a short quiz at the end and a link to “The Rise & Fall of Jack Drummond Video” with FREE mp3 Audio Download.

Jack Drummond is your typical 13 year old schoolboy except that his life seems to attract the unusual! You will find that every one of his short stories contains a well-known moral or adage and your mission is to uncover it before you reach the end.

If you find any vocabulary that is new to you, my advice is to try and work out the meaning from the context and then use a dictionary to confirm your suspicions. By using this method, it should help your mind to cement the information and to hopefully recall the meaning in the future.

In addition, I have included a short quiz at the end of this book to help check memory recall, understanding and of course, TO HAVE SOME FUN!

Jack has a vivid imagination and for those of you who also have the ability to let the story whisk you away to another world, you are the chosen ones who will probably get the most out of this book. I look forward to seeing you again soon for Jack’s next adventure.



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