The Privateer of San Madrid

| July 29, 2019


There’s a bounty on his head…

Captain Julius Bertrand isn’t a pirate anymore, but someone wants him out of the way. Distracted by an avaricious girl he could never love and the beautiful Kate O’Connell who doesn’t need him, Bertrand tries to untangle the web of mysterious cargo someone in the New World wants to keep a secret.

Kate O’Connell arrives in San Madrid determined to put her past behind her. Assisting her physician father shouldn’t be too scandalous if she can mind her tongue and temper, but it seems all of the women on the island see her as less than suitable for their company. When tragedy strikes, she must forgive them all and put her best foot forward, even if that means rubbing shoulders with the one man who captivates her heart and imagination.

When Bertrand’s pirating past returns with the explosive force of a sweeping broadside, he finds he must sacrifice everything his respectable life has brought him in order to save what matters most.

An Age of Sail historical romance adventure.
Buy now to enjoy this classic romance novel from the author of A Pirate at Pembroke.

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