How Not to Be the Office Clown: A Short and Brutal Bootcamp to Bulletproofing Yourself

| July 29, 2019


What will I gain from this book?

In a nutshell, greater self-awareness. Some of the content may not be comfortable reading, especially if you identify with it. Having said that, it is important to be aware of what might be hurting your reputation.

The problem

The workplace isn’t just about work. It’s a carnival of personalities that you need to manage. Not everyone is born with the necessary toolkit. Sometimes, you end up being the one picked on at work, or the one who everyone laughs at. The office clown.

The solution

This book is intended to pinpoint what is hurting your reputation. It delves into the most common mistakes people make that others will notice.

Who is this book for?

For those who want to self-reflect on how they are carrying themselves.

What this book covers

* The most common office personality types: everything from the chatterbox, to the overly keen junior, to the narcissist

* Which personality types to avoid if you’re prone to being a clown (hint: stay away from the narcissist)

* Things that are hurting your reputation and advice on what to avoid: your socks, too many salutations, showing executive presence, knowing your place in the hierarchy, wearing waistcoats, wearing belts, dress-down days, how to wear a tie (length, width, knot style), huge mugs, shaved heads, annoying food habits, wearing formal attire, the sickie game, your use of grammar and phrases, annoying inspirational stickies, picking your jokes carefully, being in charge of social events, reply all: email dangers, loud habits, walking barefooted, making tea and coffee the corporate way, don’t steal the mature colleague’s attire, goody-two-shoes types, lollapalooza effect (coined by Charlie Munger, business partner of Warren Buffet) with the toilets


Pick up your copy of ‘How Not to Be the Office Clown’ today to increase your self-awareness and succeed in the workplace.

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