Author interview with Daniel Green of ‘Enjoy Heavenly Living Now: Become Childlike’

Author interview with Daniel Green of 'Supernatural Wave of God's Presence'

Most people think they have die and go to Heaven before they can receive all the benefits that Heaven has to offer. But this is far from the truth. Jesus once said that in order to participate in Heavenly living now you must become like a little child. You can experience all the wonders of Heaven now but you must become more childlike in your faith before that can happen. Discover 15 characteristics little children have that will transform your life and cause all the miraculous things of Heaven to occupy your home and everyone around you.


Looking to get a little closer to Heaven without going all of the way? Author Daniel Green, has returned it to share some tips from his book ‘Enjoy Heavenly Living Now: Become Childlike’ about how we can all live a little more heavenly today. Daniel, it’s great to see back, what’s been going on with your writing journey since we last sat down to chat?

I have been diligently working on getting my second book published.


And here we are today talking about that second book, so it’s clear that your diligence has paid off!   For readers who haven’t read our last interview, can you share a little about the success you’ve seen with your first book?

The first book I promoted: Supernatural Wave of God’s Presence was listed on Amazon as #1 Free book in several categories for 3 days in a row in July. It was the #5 Free book listing of all Christian books on Amazon for those same days. All in all I gave away over 2,200 books in July. It was a great experience and I hope to do the same or better with this book.


Thank you for sharing the numbers of your success. Sometimes the journey to successful self-published or indie authorship can feel very overwhelming and intimidating, and so I like to readers to know a little about what could happen with their own writing careers if they keep at it. How did you approach extending your writing career into a second book? Where did this book start?

Jesus once said that we could do what He did and even greater things. So why do so many Christians not experience miracles every day in their life as Jesus did? One of the major reasons why they cannot do the miracles of Jesus is they believe they have to mature and behave as an adult before God. Yet in comparison to the unsearchable infinite wisdom of God, we are all like little children. If we learn to become more childlike in our relationship with God, then all of Heaven’s resource will be at our disposal.


How did you keep reminding yourself about the ways that little children live and love?

From little children of course. We spend so much time trying to grown up that most have forgotten how to be more childlike. When it comes to our relationship with God, He wants us to be His little child not an older adult. And boy does God love to dote on all His little children.


It sounds like you’ve really spent a lot of time with little kids!

Yes, I raised two sons and I also was a foster parent to twenty-four children. In addition, every year I went to a Christian camp where there were plenty of little children having fun being themselves. Most of my observations of childlike faith and behaviour came from these real-life experiences.


Do you find it useful to focus on all of those experiences as you sit down to write?

Yes, I always write from my experience especially my journey in following the Heavenly Father. Everything I write about is from my personal real relationship with God. It’s almost like talking with Him face-to-face every day. I want to share with others how they can experience this same kind of intimacy with God.


How did you prepare to write this book?

Life experience. I had two very successful accounting firms and also was a minister as well. However, about ten years ago I decided I wanted to follow my passion to write. So I left my very successful profession and became a writer. Now everyday I have fun doing what I love and I have not worked since then. You know little children don’t have to work either but have lots of fun every day.


What message do you hope the readers take from your experiences and the wisdom of children?

Become more like a little child in your relationship with God following Him around everywhere, just like a little child would do with their parents, and I can guarantee that you will start to experience more of Heaven’s wonders surrounding you and your home.


In preparation for this interview, I’ve spent a little time reflecting on the brand that you’re building with this second book. Tell us a little about what you’re trying to do across your work?

Anakainoo International is my brand that I have been working on. The word “anakainoo” comes from the Greek word “to make new.” If you can change the flawed beliefs and thoughts you have then you will be able to receive all the resource Heaven has to offer. I am in the transformation business of causing people to think differently about their core beliefs where Heaven’s wonders follow them as they follow God everywhere.


I think your newest book cover reflects that desire to help people find their core beliefs very well. Who designed the cover for you?

This time I used a professional service from Book Cover Zone. Darin Yardimli was the designer and I would highly recommend him. He has been in the book cover design business for a long time and has reasonable rates for most authors.


Your brand Anakainoo International is fairly new and it doesn’t quite feel like your story and goal to transform the lives of others will be finished with just two books. What can you tell us about what’s coming up next?

I can’t tell you all the details now. You will have to wait till sometime next year. But one thing I can tell you is this up coming book will dramatically change everything about your relationship with God. You can have the same kind of relationship with God here on earth, as you will in Heaven.


Next year will be here before we know it, and it’s great to hear that readers and myself all have another book to look forward to. Daniel, I’d best let you get back to it so you can keep on track that early next year release date. Thanks for sharing your success, and I wish the best for further success with your writing and transformational journeys.


Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘Enjoy Heavenly Living Now: Become Childlike ( ASIN: B07VPC55FQ )‘.

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