The Earl’s Reluctant Bride: A Sweet Regency Romance (Brides of Somerset Book 1)

| July 30, 2019


Susan Hamilton accepts the Earl of Malmesbury’s fake betrothal determined to escape a forced marriage as her world falls apart.

Susan thought evil step-mothers were only in fairy tales, but she was wrong. On the day of her father’s wedding, her step-mother informs her she is not wanted and has arranged a marriage to the odious Dale Cawood.

Rather than being forced into marriage, Susan runs, she would rather earn her living scrubbing floors than marry the young despot.

James, the Earl of Malmesbury returning from the war, happens upon a carriage accident and rescues the stranded Susan on her way to her friend Lady Abigale.

Hearing of her plight, he offers her a way out for reasons of his own and convinces Susan to become his pretend betrothed to throw off her evil pursuer.

They embark on the London Season escorted by James’ mother when Susan suddenly inherits a fortune from her dead Grandfather whom she has never met. Independent at last, she no longer needs James’ help and offers to release him.

But Susan has captured his heart, can James persuade his reluctant bride to say yes, forever?

Escape with a Clean and Wholesome Historical for some seriously sweet romance with plenty of twists. 

Each book can be read as a stand-a-lone, always a sweet and happy ending.

Clean, sweet without losing the heat romance! 

Brides of Somerset:

The Earl’s Reluctant Bride

Courting Eliza

Lady Abigale’s Wager


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