Author interview with Beth Hading-Yostlot of ‘The Path of Leashed Resistance: The Buddy System’

Author interview with Beth Hading-Yostlot of ‘The Path of Leashed Resistance: The Buddy System’


There are so many unwanted dogs in the world. Abused. Discarded. One family has a heart to help them. But what would Beth and her husband do when faced with such life-changing decisions? Standing on the edge of a slippery slope, would they save themselves, or fall head first into rescue? Would they walk away, or take the path of leashed resistance?


Which path did Beth and her husband choose? Did they choose a world with the addition of a chicken coop of orphan puppies to their already canine-filled household, or were the dogs they already had enough? Where did the love of dogs take them? Meet Beth, the dedicated rescue carer who gives us a glimpse into the joys of her daily life from ‘The Path of Leashed Resistance: The Buddy System’. Beth, what thoughts inspired you to write your experiences down and turn it into a book?

This book came straight from the depths of my soul…


Ah, so your soul had something to say. What did your soul want to share with readers?

That dogs are terribly fantastic and horribly amazing!


*Laughs* Very true. I mentioned it a little earlier, but just to clarify for readers, this book is based on your life right?

Every experience in this book is from my life. And ohhh what a life it’s been…


Tell us a little about how those puppies came into your life?

Well, all of them were rescued. But most of them came to us from a chicken coop…


Puppies from the chicken coop. You can tell it’s going to be the start of a great tale! How did you prepare to turn these events into a story and yourself into a writer?

I rescued a litter of frozen puppies and gave up my life. It was all the preparation I needed…


*Laughs* So, no extensive writing experience before this? Have you tried joining a writing group? Or taking a course?

I haven’t. I would love to! But I haven’t had time. I took some courses in college, but I write like I speak. I think that’s why I find myself editing a lot…


Writing the way you speak is a great way to build your voice as an author. Have you felt that much of your editing time has gone to crafting your voice as an author?

I think I’ve come to a place where I write what actually happens. I don’t say heck if I said hell and I don’t act like I’m winning mother of the year. I’m more like mother of dragons, and I want people to know it’s ok to feel that way sometimes.


Do you feel that the ideas you share in this book, like being the mother of dragons, are important messages that are relevant for readers today? Or do you think they will become stronger in the future?

I think selflessness is timeless, but man is it needed these days!


What did you learn by sharing the importance of selflessness, (and of course the love of dogs)?

I learned that remembering is good. That no matter how hard life is in the moment, you look back and feel grateful you did what you did to help others. It makes sense in hindsight.


Did you keep thinking of how it all turned out as you remembered and wrote everything down?

I’m always thinking about the dogs. Today, ten years ago. They all have a place with me. They never leave.


*Laughs* Spoken like a true dog lady! It’s great that they still have a place with you, even today. Are there people who might not appreciate this love, and perhaps should give this book a miss?

I wouldn’t want my young kids reading this. It’s like seeing Bambi when you’re a kid. Some of us are fine, and some of us remember his mother’s voice 40 years later… Most of the stories in my book are happy, fun, and light-hearted. But, there’s grief in love as well. I’ve lost some of my friends, and it might be hard for kids to take in.


What kind of responses have you received from people who have read this book?

I’ve had some really great responses! Most of my “people” are animal people and that helps, but the reviews from readers I don’t know have been good as well. I think everyone loves a good book.


Everyone really does love a good book. Has there been some tough criticism come out of the feedback you’ve had? And what’s been the best compliment that’s stuck with you?

The toughest criticism comes from me. I’m always re-reading and overthinking the book. “Do I cuss too much. Am I funny enough?” Things like that. It’s hard to put yourself out there. My best compliment came from a reader. She said she had 18 rescue cats at one time and the “look” people give you, she gets it. You have no idea what it means when people say they get it…


Has your ability to form connections with readers like that helped you think about how you’ll brand yourself as an author?

I don’t think about an author brand. I think about vet bills and the next chewy order. I think of myself as an author, but not someone who’s trying to sell themselves. I’m trying to sell kindness. I’m trying to convince people to help the dog that’s put in front of them. Maybe that’s a mistake and I’ll never make the bestseller’s list. I suppose as long as I make the best human’s list, I’m good…


You’re definitely a contender for that best humans list. Now I just have to ask, where did you get the cover designed? It’s great!

I designed the book cover, I suppose, if you can call it “designed”. It’s a picture of Buddy, Cole, and Digger curled up in a chair together. It’s epitomizes the buddy system!


Don’t sell yourself short, taking the time to match that snap with your story is definitely a good design choice. Especially when you’re distracted by those not-so baby dragons themselves. Now those little doggie dragons have grown up. Is this the last book where readers can be delighted by their antics?

I’m working on the second book in the series, “Friends of Cole.” I hope to have it finished by spring. (God willing and we don’t find another chicken coop full of puppies…)


*Laughs* I hope that’s no more puppy surprises either! Beth, I can’t wait to see more of your doggie adventures in ‘Friends of Cole’, and until then I hope your days continue to be filled with many more canine adventures!


Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘The Path of Leashed Resistance: The Buddy System ( ASIN: B07L7QCN8K )‘.

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