Yoga for Beginners: The 4 Pillars of Yoga

| August 1, 2019


The true application of Yoga is much deeper than the popular physical exercise most might associate it with. In fact, Yoga is a complete involvement of your body, mind, intellect and energies. Each of these faculties is its own separate path that lead to harmony of all your systems at the conclusion.

The 4 paths of Yoga are Bhakti, Karma, Jnana and Raja. Being knowledgeable about which path is best suited for you can better align, support and guide you on your spiritual journey.
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In this book you’ll learn about the paths of Yoga and the steps a yogi takes in each. You will also be given resources to direct you forward in strengthening your wisdom.

Throughout this book you will learn…
•What is a Yogi?
•The 4 paths of Yoga
•Bhakti Yoga of Devotion
•Karma Yoga of Action
•Jnana Yoga of Wisdom
•Raja Yoga of Energy
•Explanation of Popular Yoga
•Hatha Yoga
•Kundalini Yoga
•Sources of Spiritual Guidance
•and so much more

Get your copy today! The information here will empower your understanding and application of the full spectrum of Yoga. Gain clarity about your practice and assure you are on the correct path.

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