Shouldn’t I Be Dead

| August 2, 2019


“Shouldn’t I Be Dead” is a mystery with humor, romance, and a shoot-out or two.
Jonah survives a vicious murder attempt. He recruits former Army girl Christy to help solve the mystery of who wants him dead. As Christy tries to keep him alive, their investigation leads to a man of nightmare evil. Jonah and Christy must stop the man’s sinister plot that threatens innocent lives.
For Christy, working with Jonah takes skill. He is smart, wealthy, and attractive. A head injury limits his ability to show emotions, although he does feel emotions. Christy must interpret his feelings. Jonah misunderstands social clues. Are people lying to him? Christy must help him understand the motivation of others. Jonah has other women in his life. A reporter wrote about his attempted murder. She now serves as his research assistant. A good friend is a female pilot who flies Jonah and Christy in a charter jet. Christy herself has a past that she does not fully share with Jonah.
Who is the man described as a malignant narcissist? How can Jonah and Christy stop him? The story ends with a thrilling and satisfying conclusion.


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