Author interview with Jenna Brandt of ‘Mail Order Misfit’

Author Interview with Jenna Brandt

A woman with a broken past, a man with a fragile heart, two people who realize they can be the salve for each other’s wounds.


Will this mail-order match successfully strengthen the fragile heart and broken past of the two newly married souls in ‘Mail Order Misfit’. One of my favourite authors, Jenna Brandt, has returned to for the fourth time to share some of the secrets behind the tale of these mail order misfits. Jenna, it’s great to see you back again, what have you been up to with your writing career since we last chatted?

Writing like crazy! I’m publishing 18 books this year!


Wow. Just Wow. It’s fantastic to hear that you’re going to get 18 books published this year. That’s amazing! For all authors reading out there, take note of what Jenna has to say, as anyone who is getting that much done in a year seriously needs to be examined and emulated. How has your author journey changed this year with so much work being put into your trajectory?

I’ve really found my tribe of authors as well as readers.

Oh, that’s wonderful. Finding your tribe just makes the journey so much sweeter. Speaking of sweet, ‘Mail Order Misfit’ is another sweet tale. What story can we expect to see in the pages of this historical romance?

It’s the story of a woman trying to escape her painful past and a man trying to find a way to live again after the death of his wife. There’s lots of laughs, love and a few twists!

*Laughs* With all of that what else do you need? What inspired you to write all of the laughs, love and twists?

It started from the cover. My designer created and I built the story around it.

That’s a really interesting way to start a new writing project. Once the cover art was largely finalised did you find yourself adding bits of your own life into the story to give it a tad more texture?

Yes, I have had a lot of loss, and I’ve learned how to love and live life through pain and heartbreak.


What did you hope readers take away from what you’ve learned in your own life and shared in spirit through your fiction?

Even after tragedy, you can find a way to have joy in your life again.


I hope there’s so much more joy in your future that you can continue to share with your growing army of readers. Jenna, thanks so much for taking even a few minutes from your busy schedule to chat books and romance with me, and I hope we get to talk again soon about another one of those awesome 18 titles that are debuting from your pen this year!


Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘Mail Order Misfit ( ASIN: B07VWV1J3Y )‘.

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