The Purpose Principles

| August 3, 2019


The simple goal of this book is to help you understand how God works out His purposes in your life so you can cooperate with Him and experience greater peace, clarity, confidence, and purpose. fulfillment. If you believe God has significant plans and purposes for you but you’re feeling frustrated because you are not sure what they are or they are not happening, this book could really help you. The Purpose Principles covers in short chapters 26 principles found in the Bible showing you the ways God accomplishes His purposes in your life and how you can cooperate with Him. You will learn
1. Yes, God really does have important plans and purposes for your life
2. Why living God’s purposes is the absolute greatest life possible
3. Why vision is so important and how to improve your ability to dream God dreams
4. How to use God’s words to get direction and power
5. What God’s big purposes are, so you can align your life with them
6. How God sets priorities and how you can too
7. How to practice living on purpose
8. How to be more purposefully productive
9. How to recognize God’s guidance
10. What to do when God is silent
11. Understanding God’s timing
12. Understanding God’s purpose pattern and how to identify where you are on your journey
13. How to stay encouraged and in faith for the long haul and much, much more
When you understand how God works, you can then cooperate with Him. When you are pulling in the same direction as God your entire life’s trajectory changes because His power is working in your life and circumstances.
You will experience greater clarity which leads to greater peace. Your confidence and faith will increase as you have more knowledge of what God is doing in you and around you.
You don’t have to just read about the abundant life of living God’s purposes because you can actually experience the fulfillment of living out the love-driven purposes and plans He has for you. In over three decades of study, practice, teaching, and research as a pastor and purpose coach, these insights have proven to be encouraging and powerful in helping people live out their God-given purposes. If you are ready to move forward, to understand more of how God works and how you can work with Him to make more clarity, peace, confidence, and purpose a reality then getting The Purpose Principles now could be a great step to take!


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