Destiny Changers Vol. 01+02

| August 3, 2019


This Psychological Fantasy novel is an English translation from Spanish made by its own author; it features rich and strategic fantasy battles in a parallel dimension; their results echoing over your everyday life in the most unexpected ways, changing your destiny.
Subconscious all over the world emit voices yet few actually listen to them; they murmur about how in this very world a special kind of cheaters exist, people bearing the power to choose and change the reality that confine them.

After visiting the Liahona, those individuals must gather and use all resources available, such as lucid dreams, strategy, teamwork and personally chosen superpowers to fight against monster-like entities known as “Guardians” on a fantastic battle inside a hybrid dimension. This story focuses on one of those “Destiny Changers”.

Everything starts with Wyatt, a youth who just moved to Little Venetia. To mitigate his not so recent loneliness he follows the local Legend, leading him to Sara; a pleasant yet extremely lonely girl, who’ll be both his friend, confidant and guide throughout the city.

After many mishaps, a time comes when desperation overpowers him, and as if he had been waiting for the right time; a stranger pulls him into a parallel plane and makes an offer Wyatt won’t reject, even if it means risking his own life.
Full novel containing the volumes 01-06 and the Prologue:

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