College Debt Slavery

| August 4, 2019


You can make a living without a college degree! This book calculates how a $25,000 college degree could cost you as much as $12 per hour. Like a herd of sheep students are flocking to college just for a piece of paper that might impress a hiring manager. High school tells us to go to college or die. Yet many don’t even teach us what an interest rate is or how to balance our financials. This book will slap you in the face with a reality check of how student loans can effect you for the rest of your life. Discussions on the job market shift, online applications, entrepreneurship, useful majors, college alternatives, student debt stories, life without a degree and much more. Save yourself thousands of dollars by being a little more aware of what is really going on in todays society. Discover yourself through my book and learn many ways to make money in this new world! The loan sharks want to talk to you! Will you sign?


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