Telescope Jim

| August 5, 2019



A misfit teen is exiled to the South Seas for bad behavior . . . But when secret buccaneer, Longfellow Jim includes him into a conning scheme, his tendency for bad behavior gets the best of him. Before he knows it, sixteen year old “Miles” unintentionally is involved in a plot of moving a lost treasure, and when the authorities mistake him for a notorious pirate, he is forced to join Longfellow Jim. Little does he know that a mysterious giant lurks in the waters of the South Seas with a telescope fastened to his face. Telescope Jim rules in secrecy and has his telescope set on discovering his long-lost treasure. Stuck between the two outlaws, will the new “Miles the Mutineer” survive a battle of trickery, deception, and double-crossing? Or will he become food to the savage Giant’s cannibal tastes.

“Telescope Jim is an exciting adventure story, especially for pre teens and teens… but can be enjoyed by adults as well.”

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