The Furnace

| August 7, 2019


They’re respectable now. But if his brother keeps taking risks, they could lose everything.

New Zealand, 1885. Dominic Farrell remembers how hard life was before he and Declan left Ireland. Now they have the farm and if they can just survive the drought they’ll have security. Then friends from their old life draw Declan into a risky scheme. They want him to go gold mining with them in the hope that the rumours a new type furnace about to be built will not only make the mine viable but will make them a fortune.

Then Declan’s wife Eliza gets sick and her sister Alice comes to live with them. Now Dominic has two problems, his forbidden love for Alice and keeping the farm going while Declan is chasing gold.

Can Dominic convince Declan to get out of the deal before he brings them all down? Can his love for Alice survive the turmoil?

The Furnace is the third book in the Hennessey series. If you like heroes who fight back against the odds, star crossed lovers and fighting for survival, then you’ll love this action-packed novel.

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