One Sunset Away: Poems For A Summer Heart

| August 7, 2019


This year, take a chance on a sunset that never has to say goodbye.

Travel to self-discovery and healing with a beach read inspired by summers that know you by heart and foreign horizons that aren’t far behind.

Separated into three chapters: blush, flame and glow, this poetry collection follows the journey of a sun that inspires us to grow past memory and comfort, towards new roads where love and passion roam everlastingly. Based on a heart lost among the streets of Italy, the air of endless mountaintops and an Earth full of wonder, One Sunset Away is an ode to new heights that are waiting for you to be explored

they say at one point it all just clicks: the purpose of it all, the reason for every sunrise and the secrets that destiny finally lets you in on. they say at one point you find yourself in the clouds that leave treaded and tired streets behind, as if a chased sunset could be enough to change your mind. a plane ride. a round-trip to the you that’s been hiding in plain sight.

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