Managing and Settling a Numismatic Estate: How to Preserve and Dispose of a Coin Collection

| August 8, 2019


Learn How To Manage Your Numismatic Estate

Many coin collectors—and family members who inherit coins and related numismatic items from a loved one—need help disposing of a collection. The American Numismatic Association’s “Managing &Settling a Numismatic Estate” shares practical tips for coin collectors and their heirs.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn…

  • Creating a numismatic estate plan
  • Caring for a coin collection
  • Inventorying numismatic items and assessing value
  • Disposing of a coin collection / numismatic inheritance
  • Much more!

Ensure your numismatic estate is in good order — download today!

Sample below:

To the numismatist, a collection of numismatic property (coins, medals, tokens, paper money and related items) is more than just a possession. The pieces are loved and cherished, often like family heirlooms. The facts and circumstances under which they were acquired, perhaps after long periods of searching and waiting, provide warm memories, and the items themselves are a source of considerable pleasure.

A collection of numismatic material also might represent a signi?cant part of a collector’s total assets. It just makes sense, then, that a collector planning for the disposition of his or her assets upon death should consider the special character of the numismatic holdings.

As we advance in age, most of us make some plans for, or at least think about, the distribution of our property after our demise. In the legal arena, much has been written to encourage the public to plan ahead to assure a safe, smooth transition of property and a minimization of burden (especially tax burden) for those who are involved in settling our affairs and succeeding to our assets.

“Estate planning” is a broad term encompassing all considerations in the disposition of property after one’s death. It includes such fundamental decisions as whether to have a will; whether to establish trusts (either in conjunction with a will or possibly instead of one); and, if one’s assets reach a certain value, what steps should be taken to minimize taxes in the transfer of property.


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