Everything Did Change: Love Poetry for Men and Women.

| August 8, 2019


In this book, a small part of my experiences, thoughts, pain, and joys of love. I loved a man very much; I was crazy about him. Now I invite you to live those experiences with me.

Everything did change within my heart.

Do I love you at all, or am I just stuck?

My mind is telling me – let go of him.

My heart, on the other hand, says you love him – so hold on.

Both voices are brawling inside of my soul.

What should I do now? I really don’t know.

You’re making me mad, I hate you.

Yet, I love you more and wish to be closer.

I humiliate myself, in your eyes.

I do not have pride, I agree.

I wish to forget you for a while.

But I find myself reasoning now, by the window.


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