Strange Supes: (Odessa Black Book 1)

| August 9, 2019


Odessa Black: college student, grilled cheese aficionado, best friends with an overgrown jungle-cat, and officially screwed.

In Odessa’s world, supernaturals come in two forms: feeders and manipulators. They live among humans, but mostly stick to their own realm in the Veil, a place outside the mortal world that obeys its own physical laws. Or at least they used to.

While Odessa has no powers herself, beyond the inexplicable–and seemingly useless–ability to identify those who do, she lives happily and chaotically with two manipulators who exist on the fringe of their world. Perfectly okay with her outsider glimpse into Veil life, Odessa would like nothing more than to finish her degree and figure out what the hell she wants to do with the rest of her life.

But her everyday life is disrupted by the arrival of new supes in town who seem hell-bent on turning everything upside down. Between Jax, the irresistible seduction-feeder who has no interest in leaving her alone, and Soren, the surly supernatural who does nothing but push her away, everything Odessa thought she knew about supes is challenged. As she gets dragged further into their world than she ever wanted to go, Odessa discovers that the people in her life aren’t exactly who–or what–she thought they were.


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