Never Is A Very Long Time: A Romantic Comedy With Attitude (The Perfect Date Book 1)

| August 10, 2019


Cupid she’s not—but she’s pretty darn close. 

Nothing in the world feels better than finding her clients the perfect date. Of course, finding one for herself might be nice, but creative bill paying is for college students not for accomplished doctors in their forties. Satisfied customers keep the electricity on. 

But wait, according to all the magazines the forties are the new twenties. Now if only she felt twenty…

Everything in Dr. Mariah Bates’ life was perfectly fine until the moment she quit her celebrity radio job to start a dating business. Two years, a cheating ex, and a very ugly divorce later, she’s suddenly homeless and living with her mother. Not exactly how she’d envisioned her life working out. Not that her mom isn’t great, but come on.

With her cop ex-husband doing everything he can to ruin her business, Mariah’s at her wit’s end. Throw in another cop who makes her believe in love at first sight and life is a mess. Interesting, fun and tummy tingling, but a mess. Especially since another cop is the last thing she needs.

***There’s no such thing as “the perfect date” when you’re over forty and cynical about love. However, the essence of all jokes in a romantic comedy is that falling in love and navigating an unexpected romance is never easy or simple. Instead, it’s messy and emotional, and if you’re lucky, also romantic and fun. That’s what this humorous contemporary series is about.

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