Chronicles Of Balin (Rise of Baso Book 1)

| August 11, 2019


We are a generation which has lived the fantastical dream of the mystic lands immersed in magic spells and have been a witness to the advancement of anime art works and western fantasy fiction. Creative visualization rests at the heart of ‘Chronicles Of Balin’, a series that traverses the life and times of a fictional warrior clan- ‘The Yamas’. ‘Rise Of Baso’ is the first book of the series which narrates how a human-born, ‘Baso’ enters the world of ‘The Yamas’ and faces obstinate challenges on his way to carving a niche for himself in the kingdom of Nasto- the mythical land of the Yama’s.
The story unravels the fearless martial laws and the intrinsic values of a warrior clan, along with developing the personal belief systems and values for each character. The protagonist ‘Baso’ explores the realms of family ties, love, eternal friendship, and commitment and above all the quest to find his roots. His emotions across his journey are elucidated to the minutest detail, which in-turn helps the reader to delve into the skin of each character.
As the protagonist grows from an infant to a teenager, his individual relationships with people around him add value to the episodic progression of the story. The brotherly bond between Baso and Bambo, his friend and companion adds the spices of humor and frolic to the tale. The allures of magic, astounding architecture and vivid sketches of nature add to the vibrancy of the narrative. The protagonist goes through a phase of self-discovery during his teens, when he immerses himself into devouring his fears and finding his grit. His return to the kingdom of Nasto is marked by a gripping plot where war and magic intertwine to create a panorama of high octane emotions.
The narrative paints a visually gripping text for the readers, laced with vibrant detailing and distinctive imagery which moves and unsettles him. What is intriguing about the storyline is the non-liner sequencing of episodes within the text. The narrative progresses through the eye of the reader. It is the perception of the reader which thrusts him to traverse the journey alongside Baso. As such the words just unfold the plot through a raw sight which helps build the creative visualization. It is thus not a fantasy world painted by the writer but the fascinating journey which the reader embarks on by his own volition. For each reader, the journey is a world of his own creative perception. The plot thus guides its readers into a land of dreams and fantasy – The kingdom of Nasto.


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