Remnant: The Clans of Arcadia

| August 11, 2019


Caught up in a tide of dark magic sweeping across Arcadia one man risks everything to build a new life for himself, his clan, and forbidden love…Yesterday, Karn Elohite had it all. Today he has nothing. 

Handpicked by Lorna, the goddess, to champion her cause, Karn is catapulted into a war as old as the gods themselves.  With dark magic sweeping across the land and slashing at the clans like sharpened dragon’s talons, death seeks all those who resist. 

Future uncertain, his power growing, Karn must unite Arcadia’s clans with the most unlikely ally imaginable, the daughter of the enemy Maekel clan. 

With his warband and his new-found allies, he must learn to control his magic powers and bring back the age of dragon riders to save his people and the woman he loves from Maekel’s thirst for blood. 

Will his new-found power be enough to defeat the power of the Maekel? 

Or will the Elohite clan be only a memory buried beneath the ash of dragon’s flame?

Remnant is a story set in a world as dangerous as George R.R. Martin’s Westeros, and as magical as J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Not since the dawning of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonflight, has a story hatched from the world of dragons like Remnant. 

Do you dare come inside?

Fans of A Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and Dragonflight will love Remnant! It’s time you journeyed into a world you’ll never want to leave. Get your copy today!

Remnant is the first book in The Clans of Arcadia series.

The Clans of Arcadia Reading Order:

  • Remnant
  • Quest
  • Caged
  • Joined

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