Author interview with Brandon Rohrbaugh of ‘Mermaid Cliff’

Author interview with Brandon Rohrbaugh of ‘Mermaid Cliff’

Secrets come to light in this supernatural mystery, sending one teen on a journey that will change his life – forever.



What will the life of this teen be like once he has uncovered the depths of this supernatural mystery? Brandon Rohrbaugh, author of ‘Mermaid Cliff’ has kindly joined me today to introduce us to the journey this thrilling book takes. Brandon, to kick us off, can you set the scene by sharing the origins of how this book came to life?

I wanted to create a unique story that hasn’t been done before, so I started writing weird twists in my mind and this is what came of it.


Before you started writing, did you take any steps to prepare?

I am not much of a book reader, nor do I have any formal education on writing. I have a love for movies and weird occurrences, so I figured I’d just write a story straight from the weird parts of my mind and see what happens.


Do you have any informal education on how to write? How did you learn to write a book?

Good question, I’m still learning to be honest. I don’t have any formal writing degrees or anything like that. I guess I kind’ve just learned as I went. It was tough at the beginning but very rewarding.


Have you thought about joining a writing group at any stage to help you work through those tougher sides of writing?

I have not, but I would like to get more involved in things like that.


As you haven’t been trained to write, I’d love to know what you think about during your writing sessions. What do like to keep at the top of your mind?

I black out everything in the real world and put myself in the shoes of my main character. That allows me to assist with the first person point of view.


How did your main character come to life?

I started with a name that popped in my head and then wrote their background based on how they related to the plot and small town.


What message do you hope readers take from the combination of your main character and the small town he lives in?

Everyone is destined for something.


What did you personally learn from crafting the story to share this message of destiny?

That creating a unique, unusual story is very fun.


Unique and unusual tales are great fun! Do you feel these unique and unusual details make this tale very much of today?

Yes, this is something that could be happening now without us even knowing it.


Do you think that there are people who may not appreciate the unique and unusual twists in this tale, and perhaps shouldn’t read it?

I wrote this book wanting everyone, young or old to read it. The Mermaid Cliff Series is unique in that it fits into a lot of categories. Whether you like reading young adult supernatural thrillers or adult horror mysteries, you’ll enjoy these books.


What’s the feedback been like from readers so far?

Nothing but great things. People were shocked at the unconventional approach I took on some of the characters outcomes, but most recognized that as being new and smart. I think one guy actually called the ending brutal but brilliant.


The best compliment I ever received was probably just a culmination of strangers leaving positive reviews on the book. I love seeing what people think of this series.


It’s great to hear that readers have been so receptive to your work. On the flipside, has there been much tough criticism that you’ve had to work through?

Early on, people told me that my editing was terrible. And that in turn was an amazing tip. After receiving that comment, I hired a professional editor and have never received a complaint again.


How has your writing progressed since you started writing and after you picked up an editor?

Over the two years of writing, and re-writing, this trilogy, I have found it easier to just let the words flow instead of thinking about what I should type.


Has your confidence to get in the flow extended to the creation of your own author brand?

I have given it some thought. I believe social media now adays is a huge way to stay in contact with your fans. It is very rewarding hearing from anyone who has read my book.


I can see you’ve given branding some thought as you’ve got a great cover designed. Who worked on this for you?

I have used MIBL Art for all three-book covers in this trilogy and would recommend them to anyone who wants quality covers on a budget.


Will this be your last writing project? Are you working on something new readers can look forward to?

I am outlining a new series.


Yay, that’s exciting for readers! Brandon thanks for sharing a taste of your mysterious tale with us today, and we hope to hear more about your new series soon!


Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘Mermaid Cliff ( ASIN: B07DZL648S )‘.

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