She’s 1 of 12 reincarnated beings in her world, and she has no idea.

Amethyst, named after her birthstone, was born with the powers of Mother Nature. Oblivious to the full extent of her abilities, Amethyst rifles through the Devil’s Backbone and borrows the night as a jewel thief. She’s always snuck around in the dark because of her glowing eyes.

It was something she was forced to get used to, but when she meets the Black Flame for the first time, she discovers just what her powers are capable of, and together, they open a new portal of life—

or death.

Along the way, she discovers friendship, rivalry, and love. Everyone wants a piece of her—whether it be her limbs, her body, or her heart—but all Amethyst wants is to be left alone.


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“AMETHYST was a piece that immediately captured my attention! I love the sweet, protective dynamic you have established between [the love interest] and Amethyst. It was well written, smooth, and intriguing. I already can’t wait to read more!

“Your creativity for this story is impressive! It is out of the box and kept me on my toes, waiting to see what was going to happen.”

“This is freaking brilliant!

“AMETHYST was engaging, fast-paced, and kept me on the edge of my seat. I was always eager to see what life had in store for our character. The humor was subtle and made for a nice contrast against the rough and tumble of your setting. You obviously have an entire world planned out, and I think it’s fascinating! Can’t wait to read what’s next!

“I’m hooked. You’ve got me wanting to keep reading more than anything!”


The Jewel Series includes:

  • Magic, Science Fiction, a Wholesome & Clean Romance, Action, Horror, a Dystopian Society, Thriller, Suspense, a Cozy Mystery, Adventure, Comedy, Supernatural — and of course, Fantasy!


*Find out what it means to be the author’s grain of rice inside the book!