Give Me Liberty: A Clean Romance (Every Little Holiday Book 2)

| August 18, 2019


Love Always Deserves A Second Chance

Liberty Olson believed in love; from the age of seventeen, she knew what her future would look like. That was until her boyfriend Luke Murphy abandoned her for a life in the military to escape his ever-abusive family. Luke ran away and never looked back, shattering Liberty’s heart in the process.

Now, she is a grown woman who refuses to put her faith in love. Her drive and focus since Luke’s departure have turned her into a fierce, determined, businesswoman. But even a woman as strong as Liberty wants to be wanted, and she has allowed herself to settle for a turbulent relationship destined to ruin everything she’s worked so hard to build. Liberty has accepted her fate… until a bus pulls into town carrying the very past that haunts her.

After years away from home, a chance IED sends Marine Luke Murphy back home from his life on the East Coast. He’s spent nearly two decades pulling his life together and making something of himself, but now all his plans have been pulled out from under him thanks to an injury. He never wanted to return to Red Fork, had not visited, written, or called home. There was nothing about his childhood he wanted to revisit.

Luke would rather be back in the war-torn middle east than facing the town laced with hurt from his childhood and unfulfilled dreams, dreams of happiness and love. Now, whether he wants to or not, Luke is going to have to face his family, face his past, and face the girl whom he loved and left behind.

Can Liberty and Luke let go of their past transgressions and rebuild the relationship that once held so much promise for them, or have their lives changed them too much, taken them too far away, for them to ever find their way back together?

Give Me Liberty is a clean romance about finding the strength to conquer your past, the faith to following your dreams, and the heart to forgive those who have wronged you. This second book in Molly McLaughlin’s Every Little Holiday Series will have you at the edge of your seat from the first page.


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