Life Is A Blender – Radical Parenting Tips That Will Save Your Sanity

| December 11, 2013


Life Is A Blender - Radical Parenting Tips That Will Save Your Sanity - The Complete Series - Parenting Skills That Work for Single, Divorced And Happily ... (Strict Parenting Series Compilation)

ATTENTION ALL PARENTS - “Life Is A Blender”grips the reader’s attention from start to finish.
The underlying strain of the book can easily be summed up as,”parenting with a refreshing difference.”This book is as pleasurable as reading an interesting novel; there is no direct thrust of long, drawn-out series of monotonous advice.

Berlin candidly covers a vast panorama of topics which are an integral part of parenting. These range from the fundamentals of marital relationship, coping successfully with divorce, handling the pitfalls of single-parenting, importance of rules, discipline, chores and responsibilities in children, the relevance of bonding between siblings and the critical role grandparents play in the lives of young children.

Berlin writes her personal life story in simple, easy-to-understand language, deftly touching the minds and hearts of her readers. Her advice may at times appear to be tough, but all the same effective as envisaged from her success as a devoted wife and mother to four accomplished children. Any parent willing to approach parenting with seriousness it deserves, can easily find this book a treasure.

Life Is A Blender’ personifies a rich blend of wisdom intermingled with proven strategies on raising kids to be happy, hard-working and successful adults. Adults, who have the potential to making their parent’s proud. Hopefully, the valuable precepts on parenting found in this book, be the ‘mantra’ for all those embarking on a parenting journey.
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