Forced to Move Worlds

| August 24, 2019


Discovering her powers was the worst moment of Brittany’s life.

If she used her magic again, she would be ‘removed’. Circumstances made it impossible not to utilise her healing light. She woke up in a different world, told she couldn’t go back. She was too far gone, demon magic irreversible.

Nigel did his best to help her come to terms, having gone through the same experience thirty years prior. Not willing to walk eight-hundred-thousand-miles through hell and risk apocalypse to get back home, she went with him to the Demon College of Yore.

She came to blows, a clash of words with the centaur, Feyneyrey. Danger struck a match to kindle their friendship. The two young women, under Nigel’s guidance, journeyed on a quest to destroy a corrupted deity.

Forced to Move Worlds is an updated version of A Separation of Worlds. The contents have been severely altered, forcing a change of name. This version contains scenes of violence and strong language.

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