COME HERE! Teach Your Dog To Come When You Call (Really Simple Dog Training)

| December 12, 2013


COME HERE! Teach Your Dog To Come When You Call (Really Simple Dog Training)

Do you wish you could print out your training instructions? 

As a FREE BONUS, this book includes a downloadable PDF of the training
plan included in the book – print all of it, or only what you want!
Do you want your dog to come when you call, every time? 
This six-week intensive program will help you get there!
Six in-depth lessons to build reliable responses when you call your dog
  • Includes how to have your dog walk politely beside you, even around squirrels!
  • Teaches you how to create an “Emergency Down” command, that could save your dog’s life!
  • Not a general “how-to” plan, but a detailed training program that will take you through the entire process of building a fabulous recall!
If you want to train your dog to be instantly responsive to your commands,
but aren’t sure how to do it, this book will walk you through the process.
Clearly laid out in step-by-step format, this no-fluff guide will help you move
through the early stages of recall training all the way through advanced work.
Progress checklists are included after each week, to help you know whether it’s
time to move ahead, or if your dog needs more practice at that level.
Download this book now and get started building a great recall today! 
It could save your dog’s life!

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