A Bride for Finn (The Proxy Brides Book 5)

| August 25, 2019


Handsome barber, Finn Maynard, enjoys a comfortable life in the 1870’s small town of Brownville, Nebraska. He has everything he needs…except someone to come home to and with whom to share his prosperity. With few choices among the local girls, he decides to take out an advertisement for a mail-order-bride; however, the first try doesn’t go so well…she takes his money and runs. Luckily, with a bit of encouragement, he tries again…
Orphaned at sixteen and years later jilted at the altar, Charise Willoughby just wants to get out of her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, and find somewhere to start fresh and leave her painful memories behind. But, how can a single, young woman do that unaccompanied, with no money saved and few prospects? Would she even have the courage to travel alone, not knowing what awaits her at the other end? Her best friend has an idea—become a mail-order-bride!
Finn and Charise begin a friendly correspondence and find they have much in common. Having learned from his previous attempt, Finn intends to come to Louisville to meet her—but catastrophe strikes!
What will Charise do if she’s left at the altar again? To move forward involves trust—on both sides, but is that something either one is willing to do?

This is a sweet historical romance, the fifth in a multi-author project releasing every two weeks. Each book is a stand-alone HEA romance. Here is the release order for The Proxy Bride Series:

A Bride for Jeremiah by Christine Sterling
A Bride for Clay by Marianne Spitzer
A Bride for Nathan by Barbara Goss
A Bride for Abel by Cyndi Raye
A Bride for Finn by Linda Ellen
A Bride for Carter by Wendy May Andrews
A Bride for Charles by H. L. Roberts
A Bride for Sterling by Parker J. Cole
A Bride for Henry by P. Creeden
A Bride for Braylon by George H. McVey

A proxy marriage, traveling to a new city, and a legendary outlaw—all woven into the mosaic tapestry that is one of Linda Ellen’s richly written worlds! This intricately layered tale, of taverns turned into barbershops, a proxy husband and a traveling porcelain tub is truly a wonder to read.
~Venessa Vargas, Editor and Author

An incredible love story! Linda brings the characters to life with the first stroke of her pen. Although I love the story for the romance, it’s so much more. Drama, heartache, jealousy, humor, surprises and even an outlaw contribute to this amazing tale. A must read for anyone who craves good, clean, love stories.
~Judy Glenn, Beta Reader

A Bride For Finn is fresh, lovable, and sure to be a hit.
~Liz Austin, Beta Reader, Poet, Blogger


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