Building a New Home: How to Save Money and get the Home of your Dreams

| August 26, 2019


Building your dream home will rank as one of the most exciting yet stressful experiences in your lifetime. And if you are like most families, you will only experience it once. The pressure to get everything you want in a new home, while balancing the construction budget is intense. And, the more you want to slow down to ensure you make thoughtful, well researched decisions, the more conflict you create with contractors and their deadlines and the more money you spend.

This book will not walk you through the entire building process. What it will do is present some of the eye opening things that we learned through building our new home. It will tell you the top five decisions we wish we had made differently and some ideas of how you can avoid the same situations. It will also provide the top five decisions that we feel made the difference in giving us the home we always dreamt of owning while saving us money during the process.


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