Mystery of the Diamond Ring

| August 26, 2019


‘This is a well-written story with intriguing characters. The plot is so unique that you certainly can’t complain about it being cliché or boring,’ Tara Ellis, Bestselling Author of the Samantha Wolf Mystery Series.

The story starts in a tiny fishing village in Kerala, India. Maya, her brother, and two friends work for the owner of a Curio shop. The children have lost their fishermen fathers in a cyclone. They pick the beach for shells, drift wood, sea glass and anything of value the sea brings.

Maya finds a bottle with a diamond ring and some papers. The children put together the clues. The bottle is a distress signal, sent by a woman who is held captive on a ship called King Neptune’s Delite.

The dazzling find and the appearance of a muscled, tattooed man who is linked to the mystery sweeps the children into a dangerous adventure!

Kindly Note: The Mystery of the Diamond Ring was previously published under the title King Neptune’s Delite.

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