Children’s Book: Sammie Snail Does Not Want a Shell

| December 12, 2013


Children's Book: Sammie Snail Does Not Want a Shell

Sammie Snail has a problem – his Shell. It’s too heavy, too hot and not that much fun. Especially during a day in the sun.

Sammie decides he has had enough. He wants out. Out of the confinements of his shell, to become a free snail!

But little does he know how wrong he would turn out to be…

Join Sammie and his friends on a wild adventure that will teach you that sometimes, even the things we don’t really appreciate and take for granted, possess the greatest value!

This exceptional book for young children is illustrated with beautiful, adorable images and written with love and care that is felt throughout the story. Hop on board! Your children (and you) will not be disappointed.


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