The God King (Heirs of the Fallen (Book 1))

| December 12, 2013


The God King (Heirs of the Fallen (Book 1))

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The adventure begins here…

Heroes are not born, they are forged in the fires of apocalypse…

Mercenary Kian Valara wants nothing more than to retire from a life of blood and butchery. But when an arrogant princeling offers him enough gold to buy a throne, Kian straps on his sword for one last mission. And besides, what could be easier than guarding a prince who wants to sow his royal seed in every backwater fortress and village throughout the realm?

Turns out dying would’ve been easier…

Reading Order:

The God King (book one)

Crown of the Setting Sun (book two)

Shadow and Steel (book three)

Wrath of the Fallen (book four-final volume)

Other series by James A. West: Songs of the Scorpion

Reaper of Sorrows (volume one)

Lady of Regret (volume two)

Skin of the Dragon (coming February 2014!)

Dystopian Thriller

Beasts of the Field

Look for book two in the Fall/Winter 2013


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