100 Days Between Life and Death

| August 31, 2019


One day life starts testing you to the limit—your love and your happiness, your future and your dreams. CANCER. The news about the dreadful diagnosis came unexpectedly and immediately changed the life of the main character. An operation, chemotherapy, and long months of rehabilitation. She had to overcome a lot—physical pain, betrayal by the man she loved, loneliness, and anxiety. But she never lost hope.

This story is not about a disease. It is about coming back to oneself and discovering oneself, about losing and finding love. It’s a genuine and honest diary, based on personal experience. One that needs to be shared.

100 Days Between Life and Death is not a book of fiction. It is a strikingly truthful real diary, the first page of which was written on a small piece of paper by a frightened, fragile woman on the day before the operation. Then there were hundreds of other pages. They covered her hospital bed like light leaves falling from the trees. All her thoughts, fears, and worries poured out on paper and turned into a survival guide, which now can help a lot of people who have lost hope in a similar situation get back to a happy life, like Lilia Koch did.

— “You will suddenly start living. At first with her. Then on your own.” —

— “Who is she? Who is the woman you will be with for a couple of days and nights? Once you’ve picked up the book, it will be very hard to put it down. She is an ordinary person, and at the same time she is enchanting. She is strong, but vulnerable. She is reasonable, but overwhelmed with feelings and emotions. However, she is always genuine and opting for life.” —

— “I’ve always been attracted by books based on real events. Here it is not just realism, but the opportunity, the chance to rethink everything within us, to reevaluate our thoughts, emotions, intentions, as well as relationships. Having read this book, I wanted to live more deeply, to create, and to love!” —

— “This book is like a breath of genuineness, truth, and sincerity. It’s amazing that the reality is much more breathtaking and vivid there than in any intricate blockbuster. We can learn from it about love and how to fight, about devotion and ‘the feeling of flow’, the ability to be happy about small things and to create our own life journey. It’s a lively, many-sided, and multilayered crystal, gleaming with all shades of emotion.” —

— “When I finished reading the most emotional and painful part, I reminded that I was not reading a novel, but a real story, the value of which is that Lilia Koch is real and all that happened in her real life; therefore, this story can and should be used to activate or strengthen the part of us that can object to the quiet whisper of destiny, ‘Give up and die!’—and say instead, ‘I believe in myself and I will live!'” —


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