The Modern Minimalist Budget: How A Minimalist Budget Can Cut Your Spending

| December 13, 2013


The Modern Minimalist Budget: How A Minimalist Budget Can Cut Your Spending, Save More, And Get More Enjoyment Out Of LIfe

The Modern Minimalist 

How a Minimalist Budget Can Cut Your Spending, Allow You To Save More, and Get More Enjoyment Out Of Life

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Many people struggle with budgeting and spend their entire lives chasing the ever powerful dollar.  Many sleepless nights are spent worrying about upcoming bills, rent, and job situations.  The majority of stress that individuals feel during the day is usually related to money, one way or another.  Whether you are trying to keep up with the Joneses or just keep your head above the water, budgeting and proper financial management are the only way to stay afloat.Enter the rising trend of minimalism.  The philosophy of minimalism is simple: change the focus of your life away from material possessions and instead focus on what matters to you most in life. So what does minimalism have to do with budgeting?  The general philosophy of minimalism makes budgeting much easier and allows you to view the world around you, not in dollar signs, but in time, value, and pleasure. So download this book now and let’s take a look at the minimalism philosophy and how you can apply these rules and practices to creating your own financial budget.

Everyone wants to save some money here and there but there are a special few that treat this task like a skill. They have developed a practical strategy to break free from the ties that bind us consumerism, instead they focus on what matters most in life.  In their quest to save as much as possible and focus that extra cash on what they want in life they have made an extraordinary discovery.  They have discovered they are much happier living with less!

Conventional wisdom would dictate that the more we consume, achieve, and collect the happier we become.  This backwards thinking has been drilled into our brains since we were children.  We were sold the American dream that we should all have a nice house and a car and self-worth and satisfaction come from purchases.  But this has only lead to record anxiety and depression.

 Learn how you can allocate this money towards retirement or how you can spend those savings and start to live like you are retired.  Watch the chains, such as bills, evaporate around you as you become spiritually and financially free.  Download now and learn how to break free from consumerism and how it will change your life.

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