| September 2, 2019


Things aren’t what they seem on the top floor of the South Coast Tower, a.k.a. The Orange Curtain, so named because of its glassy veneer that reflects the sun, a fifty-story apartment building located in ritzy Newport Beach, California.

A violent murder takes place in penthouse 5008, prompting an investigation by Lieutenant Detective Max Cusini and his partner, Detective Jimmy Sanchez.

And what begins as a lone murder quickly unfolds into a string of serial killings inside this upscale building that not only confounds Detective Cusini’s skills as a veteran sleuth, but also stirs from his past certain haunts.

Cusini’s only hope in solving this case is to negotiate a taut relationship with the Tower’s two most eccentric tenants: a Mr. and Mrs. Capote, two novelists who know a lot more about these murders–the Orange Curtain’s cryptic gallery of tenants–than they should. That is until Detective Cusini finally decodes the cryptic message.

A gripping psychological thriller, pitting two noble detectives against an obscure killer.

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