A Change of Heart

| September 3, 2019


Melinda wants nothing more than to leave her sister’s household, tired of being a maid and help-meet to her sister and her two unruly children who continually torment and terrorize her with no admonishment from her sister. Melinda yearns for a peaceful existence for her life and, in desperation, she applies to be a mail-order wife for blacksmith, Timothy Readen, hoping that she may have finally found the answer to her dreams.

Surely, he will be so desperate for a woman’s company he will hold her in high esteem despite her imperfections?

However, neither Timothy nor Melinda have been totally honest with each other, both holding secrets of their own.

Will their marriage be able to survive the deceit?

Can Timothy and Melinda learn to love one another despite their dishonesty with each other?

This is a sweet, clean and wholesome, historical romance by bestselling author Callie Gardner

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