Write Better Copy That Sells: How To Improve Your Copywriting To Make More Sales Today

| September 3, 2019


If you find it difficult (or on the rough days, borderline impossible) to write for your business, fear not.. you’re not alone. In this book, I discussed how daunting writing can feel when you add it to the pile of other things you juggle as a business owner and entrepreneur. One way to make it more manageable is to break the task down into smaller pieces.

But even with a framework for easily creating solid landing page copy in hand, there’s still one hard thing you need to do: get started. For those of us who’ve gone months, days, or even years with a sense of dread at the idea of writing emails, blog posts, sales letters, or landing pages for our businesses, it’s time we re-frame writing in our minds. We must stand up to the “Copywriting Monster” under our beds and say, “No more!”

Because writing good landing page copy isn’t just important, it’s essential.The way you talk to your audience either makes them want to learn more or it pushes them away. That’s the difference between a successful conversion and a page bounce. Based on my own experience facing down that monster in my own work, I’ve put together this book full of tips and hacks to make your business writing less difficult, more effective, and maybe even kind of fun.


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