Woodland hide and seek


This book offers a reader the opportunity to walk through the wonderful forest and meet funny woodland animals participating in an engaging search-and-find game.
Aimed at children aged 2-8, the book can become a perfect bedtime story, as well as a fun or educational activity. Every page of the book contains a short amusing poem about an animal, which can help your child find out more about forest life. The rhymes are easy to remember, that is why your baby will want you to read them numerous times. The text is short and simple, and, therefore, it is suitable for beginner readers as well.
Book illustrations offer an unforgettable experience of immersion into the magical woodland world. Each picture is like a colorful patchwork of woodland animals, plants, flowers, and insects complemented by funny and surprising details. All these details make sense in the book: discuss them together, making amazing discoveries. Cute animals are hidden in the intricate floral pattern, offering your child the chance to play hide-and–seek, practice recognition, and matching and counting skills.
Take your child on an exciting woodland adventure. You are sure to spend great bonding time together and return to this book again and again!