Rising from Quicksand: How I Rose Above Madness & Illness to Reclaim My Life (A Memoir)

| December 13, 2013


Rising from Quicksand: How I Rose Above Madness & Illness to Reclaim My Life (A Memoir)

Rose Ania Wallace lives with madness for twenty-six years. She thinks her small-town upbringing is normal – idyllic, even. But the sweet moments are sprinkled with the whisperings of Mania. Conventional medicine tags Tessa Miller, Rose’s mother, as bipolar and a hypochondriac. By acting on her imagined fears (sewer stomachs, wormy bellies, and poisoned heads), Tessa causes chaos. Rose confronts her mother’s doppelganger, clutched by Mania, and attempts to toss Tessa a mental lifeline. Rose’s review of her childhood through a woman’s eyes is heartbreaking, touching, shocking, and at times comical.

Rose attempts to bleach the stain of mental illness from her life with perfection. A lawyer, and a law-firm owner, Rose fights to change the way things are done in a cesspool area of practice: criminal defense. With a fast-paced career, a loving husband, and a peaceful home, Rose thinks she has it all, until unexplained attacks batter her into a wispy shadow figure. Her illness thrusts her into conventional medicine: the system she’s avoided since facing her mother’s doppelganger. Rose defies specialists to find answers to her rapid decline, and confronts the parallels between her healthcare odyssey and her mother’s medical mission to reach surprising conclusions.

Rose masterfully describes the transformational process from a powerless child subjected to her mother’s manic medical mission to a wholehearted, empowered woman with a fully integrated personal and professional life. Rose’s story reveals the potency of blood bonds, the unreliability of moods, the insidious nature of illness, and the many forms of madness.


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