Supernatural Reform School (Blakemore Paranormal Academy Book 1)

| September 8, 2019


I went from one of the most powerful supes in the world…

…to the bottom of my class at Supernatural Reform School.

The academy is for the rejects: shifters who can’t shift, witches who can’t spell, and psychs like me, who are powerless. All I want is to get my powers back online.

Not to make friends.

Definitely not to fall for my dragon shifter instructor.

But I’m beginning to think that losing my powers was no accident. Someone is stealing magic.

As I dig deeper into this conspiracy with my fellow reform-schoolers, we uncover a lot more than we bargained for. And the tentative human/supernatural relationships hang in the balance.

We may find out the truth, how can we do anything to stop it when we don’t have our powers?

Supernatural Reform School is a YA paranormal academy / urban fantasy that will keep you reading long past midnight! It’s book one in the Blakemore Paranormal Academy trilogy. Perfect for readers who love vampires, dragon shifters, and a dash of magic all wrapped up in a gripping story!

Scroll up and one-click to start this page-turning new series filled with magic, mystery, and slow-burn romance!

Blakemore Paranormal Academy Trilogy:

  • Book One: Supernatural Reform School
  • Book Two: The Academy of Stolen Magic
  • Book Three: Blood of the Dragon Shifter


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