Katt Scallion and the Oracle Bird

| September 9, 2019


What if your future depended on finding a tiny egg on an enormous planet?

Space pirate Katt Scallion is one disaster away from having to give up pirating and get a job washing dishes.

Then his spacecraft Sharky-One starts to THUNK!

Repairs are going to be expensive – Katt’s only hope is to take on a dangerous mission from a creepy scientist. He’ll need to retrieve an oracle bird egg from a dying planet before earthquakes tear the planet apart.

But others want the egg too…

Will Katt be able to complete the mission and save the Sharky-One?

Warning! Contains pirates, pancakes, pooping birds, and piranhas. And those are just the things beginning with ‘P’! Read only if you like funny, action-packed adventures.

If your child devoured Dogman, wore out all their copies of Captain Underpants, and climbed all the storeys of that Treehouse, they’ll love continuing their adventures in reading with Katt Scallion and the Oracle Bird, a chapter book with more words and fewer pictures, but similar levels of action and humor.

Katt’s adventures will particularly appeal to children who care about animals and the planet.

Parents will love Katt Scallion as the snappy dialogue makes it perfect for bedtime reading.

Get it now.

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