Blue Angel

| September 9, 2019


When you meet that special someone hold on for dear life because the flight will be amazing.

” An amazing emotional read.”

“…characters had depth and great chemistry.”

“Loved it.”

I found her in an airport.
Long blonde hair, big blue eyes, and legs that went on for centuries,
With a nasty attitude that would have rivaled Godzilla’s.
But…something beneath that bitchy exterior,
That take no prisoners facade she carried around with her,
Was a gem in a haystack.
Something inside my head shouted,
‘She is the one.’
Of course that was ridiculous.
I was not a commitment kind of guy
So why did I chase her across the country?
Especially after she made it clear she didn’t want to see me again.
I guess some things are worth waiting for.
Because when you find that special someone, hold on for dear life because the flight is amazing.
Blue Angel by Kristen Kelly is the second book in the Doyle Sisters Series. A full length novel, it stands on its own with a happily ever after. It’s sexy and raw. It will also melt your heart!

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