My Life as Noah (My Life Series Book 2)

| September 12, 2019


Drink me, the platinum liquid calls.

And I give in.
Time and time again.

To forget about her.
The golden-haired goddess
who has overtaken every bit of my being.
She invades every ounce of my soul.

It’s more than just a little crush.
Fate binds me to her in an unbreakable curse.

As I meander through the eleventh grade,
she’s there at every turn.
I just want to forget her.
But I can’t.
No one seems to be able to take her off my mind.

Will I ever have the courage to talk to her, 
or will I hide behind the alcohol
and follow in the footsteps of my mother?

If I do ever find myself in front of her,
ready to begin this fateful journey,
will I even by worthy?

My name is Noah,
and this is my life.


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