South River Incident (A Jesse Watson Mystery Book #2)

| December 14, 2013


South River Incident (A Jesse Watson Mystery Book #2)

Set against the backdrop of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Jesse’s life takes a sharp turn when Athena and Thor, her beloved canines, drag up a severed hand and deposit it on her mother’s front porch. With their help, the Greene County Sheriff’s department shifts into high gear and conducts a thorough search of the surrounding woods. Their grisly discovery—the frozen, battered body of Mary Keen—prompts an intense man hunt for the killer. There’s only one problem: evidence leads the police right back to where they started. The dead woman was wearing Jesse’s watch! Battling freezing temperatures and the beginning of a full-blown mountain blizzard, Jesse and Billy Blackhawk, P.I., set out to prove her innocence and find the real killer. Investigating the death of Mary Keen leads to a trail of greed and police corruption—with extreme consequences. An incendiary situation gets even hotter when Jesse has no choice but to kill…or be killed. All is not what it appears to be when she stares into the face of a killer and the heart of true evil. She must confront her worst nightmare—a psychopath from her past who has enlisted the help of an unlikely accomplice. When the killer’s search for revenge finally ends, bullets fly, and Jesse realizes that her nightmare is not over.

Excerpt from book: After Billy left, I threw a couple of logs on the fire, switched on the television to keep the dogs company, and then headed to the bathroom for a well-deserved soak. I grabbed a couple of candles off the dresser and was ready to relax. I’d just about dozed off in a sea of warm bubbles when Athena came up to me and barked. “What?” I snapped to attention. “What is it, girl?”
She yelped and pranced around in circles, her nose high in the air. Suddenly she stopped, twisted her head to one side, and then jumped on the tub with her front paws. She was silent until I went to pat her head. A chilling howl came out of her mouth that could have awakened the dead. I knew she was trying to tell me something. “Back up and give me a minute,” I said to her as I reached for the towel on the toilet seat. I jumped out of the tub, dried off quickly and wrapped the towel around me. Athena turned and ran. By the time I reached the living room my heart was racing. My hair was wet and the water dripped down my back. I stood frozen in shock, staring at what she was trying to show me. A picture of a skull and crossbones flashed on the computer screen. At the bottom, a message appeared: STAY OUT OF MY BUSINESS OR DIE!


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