Infraction of the Mind: Episode One of Fortitude Rising (A Magical Bond Series Novella Book 1)

| September 13, 2019


Ebony is desperate to escape.

Her constant defiance comes at a cost and will change the course of her life forever.

The stakes are high. Is she willing to pay the price? 

Ebony Hunter is desperate to escape her father’s overbearing and unreasonable demands. She’s even willing to trust complete strangers it they can help her find a way out.

As an essential research subject in her father’s institute, she incurs his wrath with her emotional withdrawal from his tests. He doesn’t care if she cannot do the things he asks of her, or that she’s afraid her magic will kill her.

He wants results at any price.

The more her magic fails her, the harder her father pushes, and the more rebellious she becomes.

When Ebony is forced to push her magic too far, the result is devastating. Can Ebony forgive herself and overcome her failures, or find comfort in new friendships as her life unravels in this sci-fi dystopian fantasy?

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Infraction of the Mind is the first episode included in Fortitude Rising. Fortitude Rising is the complete volume one of the Magical Bond Series. The following episodes are included in this book bundle: 

  1. Infraction of the Mind, Episode One
  2. Incite the Power Within, Episode Two
  3. Embodiment of Magic, Episode Three


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